Your starting point to become a Mobile developer, who knows both Android and iOS platforms, creates layout, architecture and uses powerful features from Kotlin and Swift. Modern life requires you to be familiar with both mobile platforms, so don't waste time!

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Why do you need this book?

Modern life requires you to be a fast-learner. Your competitors are always learning something new and you need to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

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No additional effort require

It's just a simple single step to learn another platform developing.


You already wanted to learn it but you did not have enough time for it.


Professionals who know both mobile platforms are more paid.

About me

Ivan Fytsyk

Mobile developer with 5+ years of experience in various projects, mostly startups.

I'm a Mobile developer and I want to share my knowledge with You. Not all of my career I was a Mobile developer. First 3 years I was just an Android developer and did not even imagine I could easily jump into iOS development.

When I started developing with Kotlin on Android I found that it is very similar to Swift (with which I was familiar a little before).

Digging deeper into iOS developing I was shocked by systems similarities. Mostly all of principles and approaches were the same!

I spent a lot of time and energy comparing and generalizing knowledge about Android and iOS development. I tried to create the shortest guide that could help people to become a real Mobile developers based on knowledge they already have.

Get it now! $9.99


Some mobile developers have already read this book and could share their opinions and impressions.

Vasyl Glodan

Android Developer

I always wanted to learn iOS development with Swift but I did not have enough time for it. This book saves me a lot of time and I've already started developing on iOS.

Oleksandr Shurgan

.Net Developer

I have a bit of experience with Swift and this book helped me realise that developing on Android with my knowledge is a lot easier than i thought.

Contact me

I would be very appreciated to receive any feedbacks about my book, your thoughts and propositions.

  • Kyiv, Ukraine

  • +380 98 83 03 320